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    Why wait? If you qualify, you may receive your money within one business day, and some lenders may take 2-3 business days.

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    Here at, we understand the importance of information security to protect our clients. We assure SSL/HTTPS security in every application.

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    Here at TopPayDay we strive to bring you the most effective payday lending service in the UK within a reasonable timeframe.

Frequently Ask Question about Payday Loans

  • What is a payday loan?

    Payday loans are short-term unsecured loans that are payable within 31 days or your next payday. Designed to be fast and convenient, payday loans assist those who are in need of short term credit.

  • Do I qualify for a payday loan?

    1. You must be 18 years old and a resident of England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland
    2. Must be employed and earn more than £500 (after taxes) per month
    3. Must have a UK current account with debit card
    4. Must have a working email, home or mobile and work phone numbers
  • Are you a broker or a lender?

    We are a broker. We have many lenders in our network to provide you with the greatest chance to fund your payday loan. Many lenders allows us to assist a high percentage of applicants find the cash they need. Lender will change a fee - some might change a monthly or signup fee. You will be able to review your loan terms before proceeding after the acceptance.

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Important Information About Payday Loans

Before applying for a loan, we would like you to fully understand the process and the potential financial implications. Fees and interest charges vary by lender. The interest charged per £100 loan is typically between £25-£30 which reflects an APR ranging between 1737% to 3,214%. Some lenders may charge additional fees, please review your specific loan terms.

Implications of Non-repayment

If your circumstances change and you feel that you will be unable to make your loan re-payment you must contact your lender immediately and try to discuss flexible terms. If you do not re-pay what you owe on the pre-agreed date and you have not arranged an alternative date with the lender, you may be subject to fees and penalties. Non-repayment could result in an automatic loan renewal/extension which could cause further interest charges and fees. These terms will be disclosed in full within your loan agreement and the amount charged will be decided at the discretion of your lender's policy.

Late Payment

Again, call your lender immediately if you expect your payment to be late. Because you will often be subject to a late fee, which will be added to the amount that you owe. Fee's typically run £15-£35 or a % of the loan, however they may be able to offer you a new re-payment date. Please read your loan's terms and agreement in full.

Collections Process

Typically you will not be called, emailed or text messaged unless you do not pay the loan back on time. In this case, your lender or a collection agency working on its behalf, may contact you via phone and in some cases physically visit you to arrange repayment. Collectors are regulated by the Office of Fair trading and are not allowed to act in a threatening or harassing manner.

Credit Implications

Some lenders use Credit Reference Agencies (CRA's) to verify your identity and detail your credit circumstances for the application. This leaves a similar footprint as applying for a credit card or store card. Non-repayment may result in an adverse report to the CRA's while an on time repayment can reflect a positive report to the CRA's.

TopPayday advises to borrow only the amount needed and repay on the agreed date.

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Top Pay Day has helped over 250,000 people like you.Apply online now to see the TopPayDay difference!